A hug, a quick glance over a glass of champagne, uncontrolled giggling, a long conversation when you are really too tired to stay awake… a trip with your best buddy or group of friends is emotional and leaves a lasting impression. The shared experience creates a space to which you can always return, together or in your thoughts. Friendships grow stronger when you see and experience something new together.

Smaller mishaps will make you laugh or raise an eyebrow, but preferably everything runs smoothly. It is comforting to meet someone at the airport who is in charge of all the practicalities so that you can throw all questions out the window – where are we staying? how do we get there? what happens tonight? – leaving you free to just enjoy yourself!

A city is like a new acquaintance – you say hello, observe each other with curiosity, try to figure out how to strike up a conversation. Is it far to the city centre? No, less than 10 km from the airport. Are the shops open on Sundays? Yes, most stores have generous opening hours. Can you drink the tap water? Absolutely! What is there to see here? Oh… at this point the conversation takes a new turn – there are so many answers!

And then, suddenly, you have arrived, you are holding a glass of something sparkling in your hand, enjoying the view over the roof tops with their neat towers and lovely sculptures. A seagull settles on the ridge. Suddenly you have a feeling of recognition, as if you had been here before. Our mutual cultural heritage. Centuries of cooperation, trade, travel, meetings.

Welcome to Riga.


Put together a group of friends, family, or acquaintances with shared interests and book a long weekend, or just a few vacation days in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

Your group can be just 5 people, but we are happy to accommodate also larger groups.

Get in touch to tell us what you are interested in doing, and we will plan and put together a program for you and send you an offer. You decide how the program should look, and how much you want to plan in advance.

It can be a vacation with your best (girl)friends, an ice hockey or golf trip, a culture and music trip, a birthday celebration, a culinary journey, a party, a time for recreation… basically anything you wish!

We will take care of booking the hotel, transfers, meals, sightseeing, spa, activities, tickets and anything else that you want to do. All you have to do is take the trip, and enjoy your experience.

Get in touch if you wish to know more – linda@bubblesandmore.lv