About Us

Linda Freimane

Bubbles&More is my way of doing what I love to do the most – to meet and communicate with people of all nationalities, ages and professions, to plan and organise events and bring joy and excitement into people’s lives. In one way or another this is what I’ve done throughout my entire career – as a journalist, lawyer, travel organiser and also in my volunteer work at various NGOs.

Growing up in a Latvian community in Sweden was a privilege. Moving to Latvia after the country regained independence was a huge adventure. These two great experiences have moulded the way in which I look upon life and made me into the person I am today.

Perhaps the most important thing is to never lose one’s curiosity and interest in other people, places, events. That is what the travel industry is all about, and that is what I would love to offer our clients.

Working with Inga… is a happy challenge! Her experience from the travel industry and her knowledge of “who’s who” is fantastic. Her positive attitude brings a lot of laughter into our lives, along with a strong feeling of support and loyalty.


Inga Titarenko

I have worked in hospitality for most of my professional career. I have worked at travel agencies and with sales and marketing at hotels in Latvia for over 20 years. I can count demanding heads of states and humble royalty, joyful Scandinavian IT-gurus and serious school teachers among my clients! I’ve learned that no question is too strange to be taken seriously, and that no compliment is too small to appreciate.

We often hear that the Baltic countries and people are so different, but I believe that we have more in common than we think – some of my best cooperation partners and long-time friends are people that I’ve met through my work in Estonia and Lithuania.

The biggest joy I get out of this industry comes from the fact that our destination is such a wonderful surprise to so many people! There is so much to see and enjoy in the Baltics, and there are so many hidden pearls that I cannot wait to show our guests.

Working with Linda… is inspiring and demanding. Her standards are very high, but at the same time she has this great sense of humour that brings everything into the right perspective. In my opinion no traveller to the Baltics could be in better hands than hers!