Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania

Three relatively small nations on the Eastern shore of the Baltic sea. Three countries with a lot in common, but also with a lot of differences. The countries’ inhabitants do not understand each others’ languages, and they belong to different branches of Christianity, but they share experiences which tie them together, and have made them strong.

The flight from any North European capital to Tallinn, Riga or Vilnius is short. The trip from the airport to the city centre is quick and easy.

Visiting these three countries is simple – they all use the euro, and most people speak at least some English. The three capital cities are compact and easy to navigate on foot which more often than not leads to stopping at a nice café or in a shop to browse beautiful things.

There is no feeling of “worn-down ‘90s” in the Baltics. When this region was a part of the Soviet Union most technical developments that happened in the West never reached this far. Everything happened here over the past 20 years which means that nowadays most hotels and conference centres have new, state-of-the-art technological solutions, and that internet is free, fast, and available everywhere.

There is a sense of enthusiasm, creativity and entrepreneurship in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which you can feel the moment you land. There is a wish to grow, to develop, get a better life and to find one’s place in a changing world.

The countries also hold a lot of powerful memories, and there is a respect for the countries’ history and cultural heritage, which had to stay in the shadows for a long time. Now it is time to bring them out into the light, and this is beautiful to see.

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